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May 16. 2011

Emma and Shannon ADORE their dog trixie! Trixie is such a great friend too – she’s patient, always willing to play and she’s a really good sport, even when it comes to bath time!

David (my cousin) and I were talking about updating the family photos (yes, having a photographer in the family has it’s pros and cons). We decided that we wanted to capture the kids washing the dog – as bath time is ALWAYS a fun time 🙂

Shannon and Emma helped carry the big bucket out under a tree, and Trixie (with a bit of persuading) agreed to hop in.

We captured some great photos as the kids washed their dog, but Trixie definitely got the last laugh – getting us ALL wet with her shake.

Thanks for a fun shoot you guys! We will have to bring Rosie over for a puppy play date soon!


001_Stokes Family - Blog1

002_Stokes Family - Blog2

003_Stokes Family - Blog3

004_Stokes Family - Blog4

005_Stokes Family - Blog5

006_Stokes Family - Blog6

007_Stokes Family - Blog7

008_Stokes Family - Blog8

009_Stokes Family - Blog9

010_Stokes Family - Blog10

011_Stokes Family - Blog11

012_Stokes Family - Blog12

013_Stokes Family - Blog13

014_Stokes Family - Blog14

015_Stokes Family - Blog15

016_Stokes Family - Blog16

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  1. Annie said:
    I love this idea! So natural :) Great shots!
  2. Love this so so much..... gotta laugh when the dog's shake the water off.... great that you captured this!.....AND thie kids are adorable..... :-)
  3. love these guys!! such a beautiful family! :)
  4. Oh how GORGEOUS!! So funny, we have been planning almost the exact same shoot for ages with our girls and our dog and our old bucket like that lol. GREAT minds :D oh and our dog is also a border collie lol
  5. Awww, guys. This is family photo perfection :)
  6. Lucky Satellite said:
    Wonderful! Bright, cheerful pictures! Well done! I live in Russia and my friends and I love your work! P.S. And what song is playing in the promo??
  7. Amanda Neasmith said:
    Ok, You two are now my fav photographers! Hope its ok that I tell everyone I know how amazing you are? Keep shining and dreaming, the world needs you :)
  8. Chantal said:
    These images and their beauty actually brought a tear to my eye. No, really.
  9. the way family pictures should be! I love it


March 29. 2011

Not many people know that if I hadn’t started my first business five years ago I’d most certainly be a teacher. At the time I had to decide between completing my teaching degree or going full-time with my business.

Photography is my #1 passion but teaching comes in a close second. It’s awesome to combine the two of them together.

We’re excited to officially launch our online store with our first product, a downloadable series of educational videos for portrait photographers! Yay!

Over time we’ll be adding more products to the store that will help and educate photographers. And we’ll also be announcing opportunities for photographers to learn from us in-person so stay tuned for more info on that.

For now, you can click HERE to visit the store and get more info on the video series. Or just click on the big screen capture below.

To celebrate the launch, until Friday, 1st April, get 15% off by using the promo code: mattloveskatie

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!


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March 8. 2011

I love cooking, baking and eating, but it’s been a while since I’ve been creative in the kitchen. All of last week Matt was bugging me to make him scones, and yesterday I finally got around to doing it!

This is the easiest and yummiest scone recipe in the world! I just had to share it with you.

Ingredients –

* 3 cups self-raising flour
* pinch of salt
* 1 cup cream
* 1 cup lemonade

Method –

1. Sift flour and salt into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre. Pour in cream and lemonade.
2. Mix with a knife until mixture comes together. Turn dough onto a lightly-floured surface. Knead gently until smooth and pliable.
(Note: Don’t mix too much! I find the less you mix it the fluffier the scones are!)
3. Cut scones into rounds using a scone cutter. Arrange close together on a lightly greased tray.
4. Bake in a very hot oven (220°C) for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden. Serve with jam and cream.



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  1. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!! I am TOTALLY making these tonight for the kids lunchboxes tomorrow!!!!
  2. janine said:
    yummmmo. LOVE lemondade scones :)
  3. janine said:
    or even 'lemonade' scones :/
  4. mmmmmm will have to try these!! Thanks for the thumbs up on this recipe :DD
  5. Emma said:
    I love this recipie. It is by far the best and easiest scone recipie ever! They look amazing. I may just have to bake some myself :)
  6. sarah said:
    My Grandma gave me the same recipe and it is the best! Yum Yum!
  7. Annie said:
    I love this recipe! I actually blogged it ages ago! :) Only I always forget to put them close together and they go flat. But they still taste good! :)
  8. Thanks for the recipe! I'm soooo going to try this out - just started getting the urge to cook again :-D
  9. Nom nom nom! If you feel like a trip to Sydney my kitchen is currently open and looking for someone to help make tasty treats for Cassie's party this weekend :)
  10. Anja said:
    looks delicious! :-)
  11. hmmm I want some tonight!!!
  12. Louise Fletcher said:
    Katie - just made these and they are way too easy! That is the only problem - and it's a big one - yummm!


March 4. 2011

Today is Shannon’s 3rd birthday and my Mum’s 50-something-ish birthday!

If you are a follower of our blogs, by now you’d know that my family means the world to me. I am the luckiest girl the in the world, and I’m truly blessed to have the best family ever.

This is an older video that we posted on our old blog, but I thought I’d re-share it!

Three years ago today my cousin Dave and his wife Claire had their second child, Shannon. Everyone was so excited to welcome him into the family. My Mum was especially excited because it meant she would be sharing her birthday with our new little man!

However things didn’t go so well, and Shannon went in for open heart surgery at 6 days old.

On that day our whole family sat around waiting for updates on how the surgery was going. A phone call came through a few hours into Shannon’s operation. We were told that he hadn’t had blood to any of his organs for 45 minutes. The doctors had told Dave and Claire that little Shannon may be paralyzed for life, and have brain damage.

I can remember how devastated I felt receiving this news. I couldn’t even imagine what it would have felt like for Dave and Claire.

Shannon’s name was put on a prayer chains across Toowoomba, Brisbane and beyond. Unbelievably his organs started to kick back in and he regained movement in his limbs. We rejoiced at this news, but it was only the start of his battle.

A few days later, Dave called to tell me that Shannon had experienced a stroke and there was a blood clot in his brain. A brain scan showed that half of his brain had stopped working.

Shannon went in for more surgery on his heart, and was in intensive care for the first few weeks of his life.

I remember Dave and Claire being so amazing, so strong throughout the whole ordeal. Their faith was unbelievable and they never had any doubt that Shannon would make it through.

Matt put together this video after Shannon’s first birthday party. Shannon’s story is nothing short of a miracle, he is our little man!

Happy 3rd Birthday Shannon! We love you dearly. Happy 50-something-ish birthday Mum! Love you!


Here’s a sneak peek from the Stokes family photoshoot with Dave, Claire, Emma and Shannon!
020_Stokes Family - Blog16

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  1. Annie said:
    What an amazing story! The video was so sweet, and he looks like such a happy boy! :)
  2. Lynda said:
    I cried for Shannon at HOTD, and am teary thinking about him again. Lovely shot Katie! Life amazes me every day, and he seems like one amazing little man.
  3. marlei Klapper said:
    this is the best thing in the whole wide world. i love shan and this is the best photo katie. i love it a lot.
  4. This really is an amazing story, it got me teary at HOTD and it is so great to see Shannon smiling now :)
  5. Peta said:
    wow such an amazing story, God is so good. God bless this little soul. xx


February 12. 2011

Josie and Brendan are such a fun, happy couple! Just being around them makes you smile.

When Josie told us that their first kiss had been on a trampoline, we JUMPED at the opportunity to include one in their lovey-dovey shoot… (get it?! jumped)!

Hanging out with Josie and Brendan made us EVEN MORE excited about shooing their wedding. You can check out their wedding photos HERE.


Oh yes, we had LOTS of fun!

Aren’t they so sweet together?

I love this shot.

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  1. Awwwwww, they are SOOOOOO gorgeous!!!! What a beautiful shoot, so much fun!!!! Loving the navy and maroon pops!!!
  2. Guys, this is legit! so romantic, cute, sweet... so natural :)
  3. James Day said:
    hey MANDK! Love the pics, but most importantly I love you both :-) Thanks for creating beautiful pictures of people in such a personal way. It's so refreshing :-) JD
  4. Jo gardiner said:
    Just beautiful, love the shots on the beautiful quilt!!
  5. Simone said:
    these are awesome - I can feel the love in every single one of them - romantic and genuine.
  6. Annie said:
    How do you do it? :) Beautiful beautiful!
  7. Marryam said:
    so gorgeous!
  8. Rae said:
    You guys got style and flare :) Thanks for your inspiration :) CUTE couple by the way, love them!
  9. jami said:
    BE-Yootiful!!! You 2 have a such a beautifully classic look. Always love the new posts.
  10. Spencer said:
    I am LOVING this shoot! The fun and emotion are just amazing! You guys are ROCKING it!


February 9. 2011

This weekend (Feb 5-7) we spoke at the AIPP Hair of the Dog photography conference. As well as hosting two hands-on workshops to teach how we use video in our business, we were also asked to deliver a keynote talk to all the attendees.

For us, it was our first time speaking in front of a large group of photographers. The idea of standing up in front of 250+ of our colleagues and peers was seriously daunting. But, it was the responsibility of delivering the final keynote of the 3 day conference, after a stellar line-up of speakers, that sent our freak-out-o-meter to an all time record high!

What? Us? Isn’t that kind of like putting U2 (the other speakers) on before the local band that practices in the garage (us) across the road from your house?

When you believe in someone, you help bring out the best in them. To the organisers and attendees of HOTD, we have to say thank you for the belief and trust you placed in us. By doing so, you’ve revealed something of ourselves to us that we didn’t know was there.

We started our keynote by showing examples of how we use video in our business. Mid-way through, something unexpected happened. Katie threw out the script and spoke from the heart. The message was raw and honest.

Too many photographers are sacrificing what matters most in their lives at the alter of their photography business. They are sacrificing their health and well-being. And they are ignoring the people who should be #1 in their lives (husband/wife/kids/friends/family).

Being a photographer really is one of the best jobs in the world. Photography may be what we do but it is not who we are. It should never take the place of the people we love.

By telling our story, we hope that we have in some small way helped others to see what is most important in life. It’s a story that is of course not unique to photographers and it’s one that we hope to have the opportunity to share with many more people.

To be totally honest, the outpouring of emotions during and after our talk is still something we are trying to come to terms with. It has hit us both pretty hard. It will take a while to get our heads around the response we have received and the stories we have heard from those who were touched by our story.

That our talk had the impact that it did, is only because of the foundation that was laid during the days before our talk. That is … the team of volunteers behind the scenes who ensured everything ran so smoothly. And the other speakers who shared their stories and knowledge so passionately.

Thanks also to our couples … past, present and future. Because of your belief and trust in us, we get to live an amazing life.

This year is off to a cracking start. And with 25 weddings booked already for 2011 for wonderful couples in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Mission Beach, Inverell, Tamworth, Hervey Bay, Mt Alford and Maleny, plus Florida (USA) and three weddings in the UK … it’s about to get even better!

At the moment, we’re taking a few days off at the Gold Coast to recuperate. It’s been a huge few weeks for us and we feel it’s important to take a few days to count our blessings and to practice what we preach by spending time with each other as husband and wife … and not as photographers.

Now, before you start thinking that we’re at risk of taking ourselves too seriously … enjoy this spoof video that we played at the start of our keynote talk. It pokes fun at some of the wedding photography cliches and the sometimes silly things that wedding photographers do.


~Matt and Katie.

p.s. This is not our new promo video 🙂

Behind the scenes at the hands-on workshops

Day 1 models, the gorgeous Hayley and Roger

Day 2 models, the super-cute Breony and Ryan

Q1 building – the view from our room

The ferris wheel we can see from our room!

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  1. Melinda said:
    You guys were amazing... I'm so glad we made the choices we did and had you as the final speakers for the weekend. You made everyone think seriously about their businesses and families, and uplifted us all in the one presentation. You were the perfect ending to an incredible weekend. Thank you, humbly, for being such an important part of it.
  2. Michelle said:
    Matt & Katie, I feel truly blessed to have heard you speak on Monday. Thank you for your honesty and open-ness about your business and your life and for giving us much to think about. I hope you enjoy your rest & relax time on the GC.
  3. Just about wet my self laughing at your video, it would have been so awesome to hear you speak :-)
  4. hailey said:
    well very sad I missed it! ;( Sounds amazing. Soo important this stuff about family and remember who you are away from the camera. hugs guys and love love love love love LOVE your new video.
  5. Jenni Lorraine said:
    Very Cute! I loved your little video.


January 31. 2011

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be photographing newborns I’d have said no way. Katie has photographed a lot of newborns over the years and mostly I found those times to be a good opportunity to head out and run some errands or check the mail.

The Anne Geddes inspired newborn photos that most photographers take … you know, the ones with beautiful little cherubs fast asleep wrapped up nice and tight … they’re certainly gorgeous images. But the process to achieve them involves a lot of baby wrangling over two or three hours in a hot room with a heartbeat pulsing on a stereo … the final images are beautiful but it’s not for me.

As with our wedding photography, the images I’m drawn to, and want to create, are ones of honest and real moments captured in a documentary style.

One day Katie and I hope to start a family. And, as I consider that prospect, these documentary newborn sessions have become a kind of journey for me. There’s something that fascinates me about the story and the simple beauty of a new baby’s arrival, and the routine that develops around this welcome little addition to the family.

Aela’s mum and dad (Evan and Lacey) are new parents. There’s a certain weariness about them, which is to be expected of course. Sleep the night before had been elusive. They talk openly about their uncertainty as new parents. Above all, they are patient and loving. You know that Aela will grow up in a home filled with, and surrounded by love and kindness.

Thank you Evan and Lacey for welcoming me into your home, and for allowing me the joy of documenting this special stage in yours and Aela’s lives.


View a slideshow of Aela’s photos, or scroll down and enjoy them at your own pace.

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  1. love it... so sweet & memorable
  2. Kylie said:
    Beautiful M&K. captured such great moments.
  3. Oh my, I adore these so much. Amazing work, especially from someone who has not actually had a baby yet... you are totally getting it.
  4. Amy said:
    Stunning work. You can feel the love eminating from this photographic story. Great job Matt.
  5. Alex said:
    There aren't enough adjectives to describe how great this is. It's Super Awesome. ;)
  6. Jade said:
    Just beautiful!! What special moments you have captured!! They will look back on these photos for the rest of their lives!!
  7. KatherineB said:
    Oh my - goosebump moment!! Love it!
  8. Bianca said:
    Beautiful pictures. You've captured such a special, joyful chapter here. Just lovely.
  9. Sara Pizzi said:
    I adore these! Such beautiful, precious images.
  10. Wow, guys! I can't believe that video up. Amazing. So excited for you guys! You're going to KILL it! Congrats on another awesome endeavor :D
  11. alyda said:
    if I ever have kids i want photos like these.....real. and real awesome
  12. Charlie said:
    great job guys!
  13. Tina said:
    I flippin LOVE this!!!
  14. Annie said:
    I'm dying! These are beautiful! I remember Evan and Lacey and their wedding, and portraits with Jasmine*, so nice to see them again and their beautiful baby :)
  15. Brittany said:
    Ever consider birth photography? from your shots here... I know you'd be a-mazing!
  16. Kimberley Findlay said:
    Beautifully honest photos. So special!
  17. Jo said:
    Love the last photo. You did an amazing job of capturing this very special time... You can so easily forget all those precious moments you've had with a newborn. You guys are amazing. Great models too :)
  18. Such a different take on the usual baby stuff. So great to see you pushing the boundaries as usual guys, very inspiring :)
  19. janine said:
    so inspired. beautiful.
  20. Some of the best newborn photography ever. stunning memories of realness & love...
  21. Amazing. Love everything about these images, they are so real. Just awesome.
  22. this is EXACTLY why I am a photographer - to capture life in it's everyday. Because everyday is beautiful. Matt you've knocked this one out of the park, love it!
  23. Completely awesome! Congratulations to Evan and Lacy, they deserve all the happiness in the world :)
  24. This was such a moving section of your rad Keynote Address today, I had to come back and look again, you two are both awesome peeps and rad'r Photogs, congrats again on the new journey :)
  25. Wow just WOW! This is jaw droppingly amazing! I'd be thrilled with these images of my new family. Awesome stuff!
  26. Emily said:
    Beautiful Matt. Truly caturing the real moments.
  27. Love these. Whilst posed, cutsey shots of babies hanging from branches etc are lovely, this is what it all about - nice timeless reportage (with a few portraits thrown in) to capture a time that (due to learning on the job with a newborn) most parents will never remember that well. Great work!
  28. brie said:
    These are so gorgeous! I love the idea of a peek into their lives.
  29. Nicole Lane (Palmada) said:
    Matt & Katie, long time no see :)Your work blows me away! Your individual love and kindness really comes through in your work. I get tears from just looking at your photos - soooo beautiful! Congratulations on it all. You're both inspirations on so many levels. N xx
  30. Nicole Lane (Palmada) said:
    by the way, who's this music by? So beautiful and fitting....
  31. Kara said:
    Wow! This is an absolutely gorgeous newborn session. Love every image.
  32. Love the way it´s a beautiful journal, wish you´ve been in Mexico in 81s :) love it!


January 31. 2011

After postponing Amy and Allan’s Lovey-Dovey shoot a few times because of dodgy weather – we finally got together on a beautiful, sunny afternoon!

We planned to do a shoot in long grass, and Amy mentioned that she had a couch that might be good for photos. We quickly swung past their house to check out the couch and OH MY GOODNESS! Jealous! Her couch is so cool! I want one!

Here are some photos from Allan and Amy’s Lovey-Dovey shoot!

We will be posting some photos from their wedding soon on our wedding blog, so make sure you pop back soon to check them out!


View a slideshow of Amy and Allan’s photos, or scroll down and enjoy them at your own pace.

Amy and Allan’s puppy, Walter, joined us for part of the shoot.

Isn’t he cute?!

Long grass!

After months of overcast days (and rain), you can understand our excitement when we got to shoot in this beautiful, soft, romantic light!


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  1. Hayley said:
    Gorgeous! LOVE that first colour one on the couch!
  2. Annie said:
    That light! That couch! :)
  3. Love this post M&K, especially the first couch 7 couple in paddock shot.
  4. mare said:
    I love the couch i want


January 31. 2011

The Gladman Family are a family that know how to rock and roll! And they weren’t interested in getting ‘traditional family portraits’ that’s for sure.

We were invited over to the Gladman’s house for the photoshoot, and not only did they all show us their mean guitar hero/trampoline skills – we also got to meet a variety of their strange and wonderful pets … including a rat!

Mark, Natalie, Lilly and Zane … we had an absolute blast photographing you guys! You all ROCK! We can’t wait for another round of Singstar. Watch out Lilly! Katie’s been practicing!

~Matt and Katie.

View a slideshow of The Gladman’s photos, or scroll down and enjoy them at your own pace.

Gladman Blog Post

Gladman Blog Post2

Aren’t these some rockin’ family portraits?

Gladman Blog Post3

Zane showing us his skills, as the crowd goes wild!
Gladman Blog Post4

Gladman Blog Post5

Gladman Blog Post6

Some of their many pets…
Gladman Blog Post7

So much fun!
Gladman Blog Post8

I think Mark and Natalie would have to be the coolest parents ever!
Gladman Blog Post9

Gladman Blog Post10

Gladman Blog Post11

Gladman Blog Post12

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  1. Bianca said:
    Gorgeous family - they obviously know how to have fun together. I love it!
  2. Annie said:
    FUN looking family! Amazing photos :)
  3. Just love it.... your whole new site is divine.... *SIGH*......
  4. Mark G said:
    M&K, thank you so much. You captured our family heart brilliantly! Camera in hand - or not - you know you're welcome any time! MG
  5. Ken said:
    Great photos very unique family shots. One question, did the guitar survive?
  6. Emily said:
    Awesome family, awesome shoot, awesome photos!! SO FUN! You guys Rock!! :P


January 31. 2011

Thanks for checking out our brand new portrait blog! It’s been almost exactly a year since we launched ‘Matt and Katie | Photographers’ so what better time to launch our new portrait blog.

On this blog you’ll find all the shoots we do that aren’t weddings. Lovey-Dovey Shoots, Documentary Newborns, Family Portraits and other shoots just for fun!

Getting to know new people is one of the things we love most – so please get in touch via e-mail, or by leaving us a comment! You can also ‘Like’ our Facebook page HERE

Once again we must give a huge shout-out to Lee and the team from PX Web Design for all their work. Lee did such a great job with our original blog that is was a no-brainer to get him to setup this one.

A mega shout-out must also go to Pete and Em from Living Lens Videography for their super-duper-awesome work on the promo video you see at the top of the blog.

Ok, enough from us … please explore, comment and enjoy our new blog!

Matt and Katie.

Here is a photo of our little family! Matt, Gucci, Hugo and Katie!
familyAnd Rosie!

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  1. Rachel Barrett said:
    Sign me up!! I got goosebumps watching such a great shoot, and can't wait to arrange one with both of you!!! Absolutley amazing!!
  2. Micaela said:
    Congrats on the super duper new blog site!! LOVIN' the documentary style baby images, will definitely be keeping that in mind for 'when the time comes' :)
  3. Annie said:
    The amazingness and cuteness of your promo video is killing me! :)